Day ninety-seven – dia noventa e sete

Só o elefantinho já está dando um trabalho...

The small elephant is already giving me so much trouble…


Day fifty-three

No Internet access for a couple of days. You’d think that’d be the perfect opportunity to work on the puzzle, but I’ve been kind of tired of it lately (it was bound to happen, I suppose). On the other hand, my mother, who’d been catching up on her email and writing computer tutorials for her seniors’ class, suddenly rediscovered the giant puzzle in the middle of the room. I explained how to use the Ruler of Efficiency and she’s hooked again.

Mom's been completing the sky while I try to finish the land\water divide

Mom’s been completing the sky while I try to finish the land\water divide

Day fifteen

Projects that took longer than my giant puzzle probably will:

  • Curiosity’s arrival on Mars: ~8 months
  • Producing a baby elephant: ~22 months
  • Magellan’s circumnavigation: ~3 years
  • The writing of Jurassic Park: ~8 years
  • Building the pyramid of Giza: ~10-20 years
  • 2014 World Cup infrastructure: should be ready by the year 2030 if all goes well
Slow and steady

Slow and steady

People ask me to guesstimate how long it’ll take. My family and I are resigned to having a giant puzzle on a giant table in our way for at least two months, based on my average of one week to assemble a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle (this varies with the puzzle’s difficulty and my level of enthusiasm). However, we’re dealing with a much larger haystack here, so I doubt it’ll be a linear progression.