Day thirty

I had some time to kill to-day so I went to a lecture on time management. The importance of setting goals was stressed, thus I decided to write down my goals for my giant puzzle:

♦ Finish puzzle in four months without losing my mind

My family will eventually want the 2.20m² area back for things that aren’t a giant puzzle and its table.
If I lose my mind I might not be able to keep my job and then I won’t be able to support my grandmother’s newfound addiction to jigsaws.

Measurements by eyeball, random sampling, and really wanting to believe it, indicate that the puzzle is maybe 25% done after a month of work.


♦ Second month
-have 50% of puzzle done
-watch shows about elephants on the Discovery Channel without displaying signs of fear (e.g. trembling, sobbing, hiding behind couch).

♦ Third month
-have 75% of puzzle done
-at least 95% of hair not pulled out

♦ Fourth month
-have 100% of puzzle done \o/
-keep conversations going for at least 10 sentences before mentioning the words “gargantuan jigsaw puzzle”