Day one hundred and seventy

Getting the manufacturer to reply was a bit of a saga in itself. First I used their contact form. Nothing, not even and automated reply. Then I emailed their Customer Service and got a reply asking for more info, which I sent. Then nothing, which prompted me to resend it and ask for confirmation. Silence. So I called them and the lady who answered read me my first message, from the contact form, to check that we were talking about the same thing, and told me she was forwarding my request and I’d get the pieces within 10 to 15 business days, if available.

The moral of the story is to call first even if it’s a long distance call.  It’d have saved me a week.

13 business days later, just when I was beginning to entertain wild fantasies of buying a copy of the puzzle to look for two pieces — “is it really that crazy after having a custom table built?” I asked myself — an envelope arrived.



A letter inside warned that pieces may not be the exact shape or color because they aren’t from the same batch. Indeed that was most noticeable with the sky piece, if one looks close enough.

One can't really tell from a distance, so that's ok.

One can’t really tell from a distance, so that’s ok.

The completed work

The completed work


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