Day twenty

I keep saying that I’m afraid of the elephants, but the tree? The tree I’m starting to hate. The tree mocks me.

Hours of work

HOURS of work

Tree aside, the puzzle has a lot of color and texture variation — I am very grateful my team didn’t pick an Animals of the Arctic scene, even if it was only because they couldn’t find one. Still, some areas have tons of virtually identical pieces, so I decided it was time to sort by shape as well as color. This became grandma’s new assignment today (mom had the self-appointed task of finding the rest of the meerkats).

Recursive containers

Recursive containers

I have some puzzles where the pieces fit so well together that small section can be lifted, albeit carefully. Not so with this one. In fact we need to be really careful when leaning over because the pieces stick to a person a lot better than to each other or to the fabric underneath and then disaster strikes.


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