Day fifteen

Projects that took longer than my giant puzzle probably will:

  • Curiosity’s arrival on Mars: ~8 months
  • Producing a baby elephant: ~22 months
  • Magellan’s circumnavigation: ~3 years
  • The writing of Jurassic Park: ~8 years
  • Building the pyramid of Giza: ~10-20 years
  • 2014 World Cup infrastructure: should be ready by the year 2030 if all goes well
Slow and steady

Slow and steady

People ask me to guesstimate how long it’ll take. My family and I are resigned to having a giant puzzle on a giant table in our way for at least two months, based on my average of one week to assemble a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle (this varies with the puzzle’s difficulty and my level of enthusiasm). However, we’re dealing with a much larger haystack here, so I doubt it’ll be a linear progression.


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