Day eight

My mother dreamed that she was sorting jigsaw pieces. I hope you’re happy, team.

People’s reaction when they see the giant puzzle is funny — they look at the table and go, wow, that’s a really large puzzle you have there. At this point we simply point to the boxes, bags and trays full of jigsaw pieces covering the entire bed and watch their jaw hit the floor as the full magnitude of eight thousand pieces hits them.

Grandma helped with the flamingos.

Grandma helped with the flamingos.

Here’s my first sprint retrospective. I toyed with the idea of a kanban (I like sticky notes, all right?) but in the end decided that the puzzle itself is a better visual aid.


  • My team wants me to lose my mind
  • Eight. Thousand. Pieces.


  • Initial sorting went faster than expected
  • Understanding family, after shock wore off
  • Awesome table continues to be awesome

Risks and actions to be taken:

  • jigsaw carrier untested:  wait until borders fill out some more (I gather from the internet that it works better with more pieces assembled)
  • sorting 8000 pieces into 4000 tiny plastic bags:  define sorting strategy with family and/or hide all plastic bags
  • doing all the easier parts first and losing steam later:  convince family to do boring parts while I’m at work
  • uncontrollable crying when attempting the elephants:  stock up on booze

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