Day five

This morning we were halfway through sorting. My family kept at it during the day and now it’s almost done. We should be able to finish tomorrow morning.

Only one bucket to go

Only one bucket to go

I was updating my coworkers on the giant puzzle status when one of them interrupted to say that I was going to “work really hard over the carnival holidays[*] and finish the border“. Well, well. C.V. isn’t part of the Puzzle-Buying Cabal that got me into this, but I think it’s abundantly clear on which side she truly is.

The custom-made table arrived earlier than expected, which was good. Don’t let the camera angle fool you into thinking there’s room to the sides. In reality the empty space left is approximately the size of a toothbrush.

Awesome table is awesome

Awesome table is awesome

It’s already been promised (sans-puzzle) to my cousin when this is over. Maybe to his children, depending on how long it takes.

Now this is a professional jigsaw setup!

Now this is a professional jigsaw setup!

From left to right: beiges, browns, tree, zebra, borders, browns, the orange bird in the corner, savannah, clouds, sky, sky, maybe sky or water, more tree, flamingo, why isn’t this sky with the rest, browns, green grass, leopard, yellow grass, browns with other colors, I-give-up pile, flicts.

[*] Tuesday is a holiday and businesses may take Monday and Wednesday off [**] — in my case I’m due at work Wednesday afternoon.
[**] Or, in some places in Brazil, February and March. [***]
[***] I’m only half-kidding.


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