Day three

Woke up thinking ‘Dear Lord, eight thousand pieces’.

(Actually the box says 8004 pieces. F. from work suggested that there must be four white wildcards.)

Spent a few hours sorting pieces. Found a blue corner! Then realized the stupid thing has three blue corners and they probably won’t help much.

Easier way out is the window

Easier way out is the window

Mom helped for a while, found another blue corner and fretted over properly identifying the shades of blue (it runs in the family. If I lived in the TARDIS, I’d be sorting all the pieces in a pleasant rainbow gradient).

We ordered a new table to be able to continue this little (ha!) project more comfortably. It should arrive on Saturday. Unfortunately in order for the table to fit something else has to go, so we drew lots and grandma will be sleeping outside in a tent. Sorry, grandma. But hey, at least it’s summer.


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