Day one

1. Become owner of 8000-piece jigsaw puzzle
2. ????
3. Profit!

Step 3 should more properly be labeled ‘Panic!’, but damn if this wasn’t a cool gift. Plus my work team looked way too happy about getting me something so utterly insane for me to give in to panic on the first day.

I believe their original idea was to put it together at work. While it’s true that I’m trying to stealthily turn the company into Google, game area wise, even the most oblivious manager will notice us sneaking a 93cm x 137cm puzzle into the conference room. A pool table and a hammock might be less conspicuous.

Where I work on my usual, sane-sized puzzles

Where I work on my usual, sane-sized puzzles

So I went home and measured every available horizontal surface and a few vertical ones (not that I was seriously considering using the flat-screen TV as a board). It turned out that the only place where my new giant 8000-piece jigsaw puzzle fits is the living room rug, which meant blocking the whole room for who knows how long, not to mention racking up some serious chiropractic bills. Clearly more thought about the logistics were in order.

I started looking into jigsaw carriers. My family started looking into straitjackets.


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